Friday, 11 April 2014


Welcome ! Our Management Clearinghouse will become YOUR central haven for career choices. We will culture your intellect, genius, curiousity and energies into a formidable and lasting complex of education, mentoring, recruitment; and, financial and moral success for your lifetime in the business of commerce and trade of your choice.
Our responsibility is to discover and harvest your best potentials; to challenge your capacity for growth ... to give a song to your heart, a soul to your ethic; and, a lasting wisdom to your knowledge.
In accomplishing these adacemic and practicum tasks, Management Clearinghouse becomes your career agent. We provide the resources for you to make choices with clarity and certainty. And, we are your paradigm - where we develop your imagination beyond any scope that you have previously perceived to be within your existing capacities.
We are NOT your friend; but, we will respect and honour your choices - because, we know that these choices will arise from good judgement that has been cultured through informed decison-making.
What better service could we offer than to be your guide into the pathways of comfortable certainty. And, what better skills could you offer into your chosen career than to enter your field of choice with management skills that are based upon truthful assessment of your capabilities? ... The world is truly your oyster shell, culturing your gemstone of energy into finance, sports, academics, sciences , military, health care, arts, engineering, ad infinitum ... We need YOU to become and continue to be a leading manager of your skills and talents ... Invite us into your paradigm shift ! Thank you.
Again, welcome !